RAIL Expert Consult GmbH was founded as an engineering office (consulting engineers) to combine the expertise of several specialists in the railway field and to offer services all over the world.

CEO Erich Grünberger has long-standing experience in operational, operational-technical and technical railway related issues. After being employed by the Austrian Federal Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen, ÖBB) between 1992 and 2012 in the area of operational management and signalling, he founded RAIL Expert Consult GmbH in 2013.

RAIL Expert Consult GmbH operates from Vienna and has a worldwide perspective. The team of experts offer their services in every railway related field.

Our ambition is to support our clients with customised solutions for intelligent, efficient and safe railway systems including infrastructure and rolling stock. We are strong characters with a keen affinity for perfection. We serve as a central point of contact for development, implementation and operation of systems and processes in the railway field.