Amongst others, our clients are railway infrastructure managers (e.g. SBB, DB, Network Rail), industrial partners (e.g. Thales Rail Signalling Solutions AG) and public institutions (e.g. Rail Safety Regulator (RSR)). Reference projects in the stated fields of expertise include key services in project management, requirement management, planning as well as support services, i.e. quality management and testing.

Sample of PROJECTS

Verification ETCS Functionality
Conceptual verification of specifications for railway infrastructure managers: Project management and verification.

Implementation Safety Management System
Strategic consulting during development and implementation of Safety Management Systems.

Interfaces of Signalling Systems
Development of electronic interfaces of signalling (interlocking, block) and migration of interfaces of electromechanical interlockings. Services: Project management, requirement management and safety assessment.

SCWS: Train emergency stop via GSM-R
Development of an emergency stop functionality with using ETCS on board-equipment and GSM-R. Our contribution: Project management, requirement management, risk-management, testing and engineering.

SCWS development
Strategic consulting during development and implementation of network wide SCWS at a strategic, technical, operational and functional level.