Rail Expert Consult GmbH Group Code of Conduct for Business Partners and (Sub-) Suppliers [1]

The present Code of Conduct is based on the corporate values of the Rail Expert Consult GmbH Group (REC) and applies to all business areas[1]. It describes the basic principles and minimum requirements of REC in its cooperation with business partners and (sub-) suppliers regarding applicable law as well as ethical, social, economic and ecological standards. Business partners and (sub-) suppliers are all companies not belonging to the REC Group and from which REC purchases services. REC expects them to implement and comply with all principles and requirements set out in the Code of Conduct in all business areas worldwide.

Our business partners and (sub-) suppliers agree to the following:

Conduct of business activities in accordance with the law

Compliance with national and international legal provisions (including anti-corruption provisions, human rights, labour, data protection, competition and environmental law).

  • Anti-corruption and conflicts of interest
    • Prohibition of all forms of corruption and bribery: no remuneration may be granted or promised to political functionaries or businessmen in order to obtain official acts or/and improper advantages;
    • Transparency in business practices and relationships must be ensured;
    • Avoid conflicts of interest with the potential for corruption that could adversely affect business relationships.
  • Data protection and intellectual property protection
    • Compliance with data protection guidelines in all business areas;
    • Protection of intellectual property.
  • Compliance with social and ethical standards
    • Human rights: Respect for the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
    • Child labour and forced labour: compliance with the applicable provisions prohibiting child labour and all forms of forced labour;
    • Promote equal opportunities and equal treatment in the hiring and employment of employees: Zero tolerance policy for discrimination based on any ground.
  • Fundamental rights, health and safety of employees
    • Compliance with the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of employees;
    • Compliance with the applicable national laws and agreements with the social partners in relation to: compliance with the maximum working hours, appropriate remuneration and guarantee of the national minimum wage and recognition of the freedom of association of employees;
    • Ensuring acceptable treatment of workers, free from psychological violence and sexual and personal harassment;
    • Ensuring the safety of employees: creating a safe working environment, taking precautions against occupational accidents and illnesses and providing safety training.
  • Fair competition and antitrust law
    • National and international competition laws must be respected: agreements and arrangements that may influence prices, conditions, strategies or customer relations as well as participation in tenders may not be made.
  • Environmental protection
    • Compliance with legal norms and applicable environmental standards: principle of sustainable management;
    • Continuous improvement of environmental protection.
  • Supply chain
    • Ensuring that the contents of this Code of Conduct are recognized equally by business partners and (sub-) suppliers;
    • Equal rights in the selection and handling of (sub-) suppliers.

[1] This includes all companies of the Rail Expert Consult GmbH Group.